Building a Security-Based Culture

This course will teach you how to leverage organizational change principles to develop, maintain, and measure a security-driven culture. Through hands-on instruction and a series of interactive labs and exercises, you will apply the concepts of organizational change to various security initiatives and quickly learn how to embed security into your organization’s culture. Learn about […]

How to work in ways that will make your boss take notice!

  The best career advice I ever received came from a non-tech non-cyber friend many years ago. Little did I know how well her sage advice would serve me over the last 20 years. The lesson was – Get wisdom as cheaply as you can. In this presentation, I discussed several tips and tricks that […]

Resolve to Be More Involved In Your Local Community – REVISITED

It has been five years since I published my first Diary at the SANS Internet Storm Center on the topic of getting more involved in your local community. Now that January is almost over and those new year resolutions you made last month may or may not still be in place, I want to give you […]

What Systems Keep You Effective?

I recently posted the below on the SANS Internet Storm Center. Previously I discussed What’s On Your Not To Do List as a means to remain focused on priorities. I never fear running out of work in cybersecurity. Instead, I worry that our focus does not always stay on the most critical issues. Today I want to highlight several techniques I […]

Community SANS returns to Augusta

Consider joining me for the next Community SANS event in Augusta on July 16-21, 2013. I will be teaching the SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp Style course. This popular course is appropriate both for people new to security as well as those who have been in security for years. This was the first SANS course I attended […]

SANS Security 566 in Atlanta

I will be leading the SANS Security 566 Implementing and Auditing the Twenty Critical Security Controls – In-Depth course in Atlanta starting February 6, 2013. Mentor style. You can preview a FREE Preview of this course on the SANS Website. You an also review the 20 Security Controls are listed in detail on the SANS website. I have personally used […]