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Schedule a Call

Reduce your probability of a breach

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Create a Clear Plan

Reduce Your Probability of a Breach

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Hi Russell, I wanted to let you know how valuable your course last week was. I’m already working on building out a strategic roadmap with the team as opposed to just tracking random things we need to do!

Russell was a great instructor; he kept the class engaging by relating real-world stories to material.

Thanks again for the best course I have taken in quite some time. It really helped fill in a lot of knowledge gaps I had and I could tell my boss and I are now falling back into complete sync. I’m planning all of our events regarding building our budget ask for next year, and this is enabling me to a new level.

SANS Security 566: Implementing and Auditing the Critical Security Controls - In-Depth

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SANS Management 514 - Security Strategic Planning, Policy, and Leadership

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10 Cybersecurity Visibility Gaps Every CISO Must Fill!

Russell Eubanks is a Certified SANS Instructor and the former Senior Vice President and CISO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. He has built cybersecurity programs from the ground up and has successfully led large cybersecurity teams as well.

Your cybersecurity plan must focus on the most critical steps that you need to secure your network. Compliance alone is not enough. It would be best if you recognized compliance activities as the starting point and not the final destination for your cybersecurity program.