Atlanta OWASP May Meeting

The Atlanta OWASP Chapter is holding its next meeting this Thursday night at the EarthLink Building. Those who are unable to physically attend can still participate by using a GoToMeeting session for this event.

The featured speakers this month are Rob Ragan and Oscar Salazar of Stach & Liu. Rob and Oscar are accomplished penetration testers and will present on the topic of Attack Chaining: Advanced Maneuvers for Hack Fu. Just as a good chess player thinks five moves ahead, a great penetration tester should be able to visualize their attack in order to compromise high-value targets. This presentation will explore how a penetration tester can learn to leverage attack chaining for maximum impact.

Chained attacks are far more complex and far more difficult to defend against. Rob and Oscar will explore how application vulnerabilities relate to one another and build a mind map that guides penetration testers through various attack scenarios. Prepare to be blown away on this roller coaster ride with real-world examples of massive compromises. If you are not a thrill seeker, this presentation may leave you a bit queasy.

Please signup on both the OWASP and Meetup websites to always be reminded about our upcoming meetings!

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